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Group Events

Teambuilding Events:
These are a few of the teambuilding events we offer for your group.

Scrabble with Helicopter Drop

Scrabble Helicopter drop team building event

Each team marks an area in the sand to accommodate their tennis balls. As team members line up along the shore, a helicopter makes its dramatic entrance to the hotel beach. Once stabilized and hovering low, the aircraft releases several hundred tennis balls with letters on them in waist deep water. At the signal, players rush into the water to retrieve as many balls as possible and return them to their area to use the balls to form a crossword-style layout. Points are given for each ball retrieved and bonus points for every ball used to make a word.

Boat Rally & Scavenger Hunt OR Poker Run

boat rally group event

St. Thomas, St. John and the surrounding cays are the designated area mapped for the scavenger hunt. The boats are 29- to 35-foot deep-vee hull boats with outboard engines to power them. Each boat has a captain and is equipped with fixed awnings, cushions, VHF radios and a cooler with ice and refreshments. Once aboard their boats the contestants make four stops around the area. The teams start from a beach where they find their first clue that leads them to their map. Winners may be awarded for best elapsed time, best team names, and most complete treasure. The group finishes at a secluded beach for a buffet lunch, refreshments and to share their stories. Later the they’ll have time to go to a remote reef for some quality snorkeling.

Boat Building Regatta

Boat Building regatta team event

Let your participants combine their skill, strategy, teamwork and luck in constructing their own boat. All teams are given the same materials to build their unique vessel. The materials include sheets of cardboard, duct tape, a paddle, pvc piping, a bed sheet, utility knives, markers and more. All teams have an allotted time to build and decorate their watercraft, before testing them (usually poolside) in the water. Different categories may be chosen to reward the winners, such as The Pride of the Regatta, Fastest in the Fleet, Best Decorated, Team Cheer, or the one with the most dramatic sinking – The Titanic Award.

Beach Olympics

beach olympics group event

After the group is divided into teams, each team is transferred in their own vans to Magen’s Bay Beach for the games. Upon arrival, there’s an opening ceremony and then the teams begin to compete in a variety of exhilarating activities. Our suggested activities are Kayak Relays, Bucket Brigade, Volleyball, Water Balloon Toss, Snorkel Hunt or a Sandcastle Creation. Barrels of chilled water, sodas and beer will be available on the beach and at a nearby pavilion. A bar-b-que lunch buffet will be set up at the pavilion while the group competes.

Dear Phillip,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all your efforts in making our program such a tremendous success in St. Thomas. Every detail was perfectly executed from the transportation, to the activities and the spectacular dinner at St. Peter Greathouse. Your staff is to be commended for the high level of service they exemplified.

Thank you again for a wonderful program, and it would be our pleasure to recommend Caribbean Tour Services to anyone looking for Destination Management Services in St. Thomas.

Best Regards,
Phil Jones
Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Georgia